Upper Truckee Marsh Restoration

This past fall, the California Tahoe Conservancy selected Northwest Hydraulics (nhc) as the lead designers of this comprehensive and extremely important restoration project. WBS was selected as a critical team member to assist with development of the construction  specifications and details, construction oversight, and post-construction monitoring emphasizing biotechnical (vegetative) methodologies.  WBS was part of the original team (Global Environmental) and in 1995 and 1996 identified and mapped the plant communities in the project area and has extensive knowledge of this ecosystem and appropriate restoration methodologies.

As per the CTC web site  (http://tahoe.ca.gov/ctc_projects/upper-truckee-marsh-69/) ‘In the last 150 years development has eliminated more than half of the original 1300 acre Marsh.  The Conservancy has acquired 600 acres to restore the river’s natural cleansing function and subsequently increase habitat quality for plant, wildlife, and fish species”.

WBS joined team members for a late season but essential site survey to evaluate conditions and the preferred alternative, evaluating information gaps, methods, and details.