WCIECA Field Tour

Western Botanical Services Inc and Kelley Erosion Control lead the highly successful Western Chapter IECA sponsored field tour on July 27, 2017.

The field tour  focused on erosion control and restoration projects in Reno, Carson City, and Lake Tahoe. The climate of this semi-arid region currently consists of mostly cold winters and warm-hot summers. Typically most precipitation occurs in the fall and winter, following the short growing season. However, this past winter brought unusually high precipitation, resulting in erosion, sedimentation, and slope failures, but also successes. We visited projects completed as long as 13 years ago, recently completed projects, and others under construction. Stops included Steamboat Creek Restoration Project, I-580, Carson City Freeway, SR28 a multi use bike path, and the Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvements Project. an emergency truck ramp, and water quality improvement projects.  Each unique stop along the tour highlighted challenges and solutions, comparing methodologies and costs, and encouraged plenty of interaction among the experts in attendance.

The day ended with a Chapter dinner at Louis’ Basque Corner,